• Field-Proven High Performance Static Mixers In Use Around The World

Westfall Static Mixers

Westfall specializes in high-performance drop-in motionless mixers used in pipeline and blending systems for the water treatment, wastewater treatment, oil and gas, chemical, food and beverage, next generation aerospace and insulation industries.

Each of our static mixers is designed and custom manufactured to solve a customer problem, including retrofits, infrastructure upgrades and ground-breaking new applications.

Both independent CFD research and customer history prove that Westfall Static Mixers can deliver high performance mixing (so less additive is required) for more than 40 years with little to no maintenance.

That’s why Westfall Static Mixers have increasingly become the mixer of choice for fluid dynamics engineers around the world.

Westfall’s High Performance Product Lines

All our products can be fabricated in a range of sizes and materials to meet your unique specifications. If you don’t see what you want, just ask.

Westfall's signature high sheer static mixer

High Shear Mixers

Minimal space? Our new breed of High Shear Static Mixers are low maintenance, low cost, high performing and easily drop into short lay lengths. They are an ideal solution for infrastructure upgrades.

Low Headloss Products

Minimal power? Our patented vane mixing designs can be used in a Flow Conditioner, a Closed Pipe or an Open Channel Mixer and require 2 – 4 times less power than other solutions.


No room for serpentine piping? Westfall’s solution takes minimal space to combine high shear coagulant action with gentle low headloss polymer flocculation.

Meters / Filters

Westfall has decades of experience manufacturing custom Venturi Metering Tubes & Diatomaceous Earth filters — now global standards in water treatment installations.

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