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Westfall Applies 3D Printing To Manufacture Of Low Headloss Pipe Mixer 3050

Pipe and patented mixing vane inserts emerge from 3D printing as a preassembled Static Mixer that is glued inside a PVC pipe and saves customers money and time. Bristol, RI. January 23, 2018—Westfall Manufacturing Co. has pioneered the manufacture of small size Static Mixers, specifically their Low Headloss Pipe Static Mixer 3050, by 3D printing […]

For Water Utilities, Westfall’s High-Performance Flow Straightener Generates Improved Billing Accuracy And Reassures Customers

17 January, 2017 In parts of the world where water is rationed, savvy customers want to know they’re getting every drop they pay for. If the water utility can’t prove their billing is accurate, they may face volatile public meetings like a customer in the southwestern US did. The problem was real: if water flowing […]

Westfall’s Flow Straightener 3000 Used For Next Generation Rocket Fuels

December 12, 2016   Cryogenic fuels are gases that require extreme low temperatures to be sustained in a liquid state.  They include blends such as the liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen mixture used to propel NASA’s Space Shuttle. Accurate mixing and precision metering of cryogenic propellants are critical because their mass flow rate is so […]

How Westfall Helped An Overseas Customer Eliminate Freight Costs

Feb 16, 2016 Bristol, RI, USA… Linde Engineering of Munich, Germany builds large processing plants. When they were hired by Gassco (the Norwegian state-owned natural gas distribution company) to build a new gas terminal in Emden, Germany, one of their challenges was to find a proven static mixing device to blend the gases coming from […]

Low Headloss Static Mixers: Function, Design & Use

Custom-designed and manufactured static mixers provide superior continuous mixing of single or multiple phase operations with repeatable results. The mixing performance can be accurately predicted based on flow rate, viscosity, density, percentage of mixture components and pipe dimensions. Westfall’s “plug and play” low headloss mixers are proven to last more than 40 years. This paper […]