Westfall designs, manufactures and ships mixers around the world.

Static Mixers and Fluid Dynamics
Westfall Manufacturing specializes in producing static pipeline mixers for water treatment, food, beverage and pharmaceutical processing, petrochemical production and more: wherever fluids and/or gases need to be combined efficiently and with minimal headloss.

Our in-house Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis capabilities contribute to ongoing development and product testing of cutting-edge devices for our customers. Our patented, innovative designs are known for outperforming the competition.

We also manufacture flow conditioners and venturis for accurate metering, and are a trusted supplier of DE filter systems and components.

Economical Performance for Decades
Westfall’s flagship Model 2800 Wafer-style Static Mixer mixer takes very little space, only a couple of inches even in its largest diameter. Its computer-designed orifice creates complete mixing with minimal headloss. Install it and forget it — it requires little to no maintenance over its very long service life.

Continuing to Innovate
Our newest mixer, the Model 6000 Counter Swirl Static Mixer achieves complete mixing in 3 diameters with very little headloss. CFD analysis helped us develop and fine-tune this unique mixer.

Solving Mixing Problems
Many of our most innovative designs have been a result of a customer or representative coming to us with a problem or an idea. Our engineers then dig in to find the best solution — existing or new — to meet the customer’s needs.


2300 Venturi


DE Filters

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