Come See Our Mixer Technology at WEFTEC October 10-12 at Booth #2238


See Our Most Exciting Mixer
The Westfall 6000 Counter-Swirl Mixer will be featured at the WEFTEC Show in New Orleans, Louisiana from October 10th through the 12th. Visit Booth Number 2238 and see the mixers that are wowing our customers!

Mixing in 3 Diameters
The Westfall Model 6000 Counter-Swirl Static Mixer is proven to provide complete mixing in 3 diameters, making it a game-changer for water systems with compact designs. Many use it in their coagulation/flocculation systems in conjunction with our 2800 mixer. (The Model 6000 is fairly interchangeable with our Model 3050 Mixer. However, if low pressure is a consideration, we recommend the 3050.)

CFD for Design, Performance Testing, Decision-Making
Engineers on site will be able to show you examples of the CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) analyses that we use to design innovative mixers for our customers and help them determine which mixer will perform best for their application.

Why We Come to These Shows
Trade shows give us a chance to do one of our favorite things — meet old & new customers. We pride ourselves on our responsiveness to customer needs and our ability to listen and problem solve for just about any water treatment application. Our experience providing easy to install mixers with very low maintenance keeps us at the forefront of mixing valve companies.