Westfall Applies 3D Printing To Manufacture Of Low Headloss Pipe Mixer 3050

Pipe and patented mixing vane inserts emerge from 3D printing as a preassembled Static Mixer that is glued inside a PVC pipe and saves customers money and time.

Bristol, RI. January 23, 2018—Westfall Manufacturing Co. has pioneered the manufacture of small size Static Mixers, specifically their Low Headloss Pipe Static Mixer 3050, by 3D printing their patented mixer of durable nylon and gluing it into a PVC pipe.

This innovation comes in response to customers who asked for Low Headloss Mixer 3050 in the 3/8″ to 5″ (0.95cm to 12.7cm) range, which is too small for cost-effective fiberglass or stainless steel custom fabrication.

Westfall engineers knew that whether the materials used were metal, fiberflass or 3D  printed nylon, the mixer’s high performance would not change. If the geometry stayed the same, the hydrodynamics would be the same.

The durable nylon inserts withstand steady exposure to harsh chemicals, from caustics to gas and oil. 3D printed inserts can be made of a variety of materials, from Kynar to stainless steel.

The addition of 3D printing to Westfall’s manufacturing ability means that customers can order Static Mixers in small sizes and receive rapid, cost-effective delivery.

Because of K-Values ranging from 0.58 to 1.64, Westfall’s Model 3050 causes 2 to 4 times less headloss than other mixers.

These smaller size versions offer an important solution for municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment, oil, gas, natural gas, propane and biofuel processors.

Bob Glanville, CEO of Westfall, commented, “For mixing low velocity, low viscosity water and gases, durable 3D printed nylon inserts are the wave of the future. For mixing high velocity and high viscosity fluids. durable 3D printed stainless steel inserts are the wave of the future. Either way, 3D printing makes our high performance Static Mixers more affordable to customers around the world.”