• Westfall's High Shear Mixers create turbulent vortices for efficient mixing in a small space

Compact High Shear Model 2800

For complete and efficient short lay length pipeline mixing

Westfall’s high shear static mixer has a slim profile which allows simple drop-in installation in pipelines from 2″ to 120″. Alternate vortex shedding creates high performance mixing within a limited space. This is a full pipe motionless mixer into which up to six additives can be injected simultaneously or in specifically timed stages. High shear mixing also creates micro-bubbles for effective removal of salt from oil or oil from water.

Where space is limited, this affordable static mixer is ideal for municipal and regional infrastructure upgrades. It is available with a wide range of injection ports and quills, and a choice of 3 aperture sizes: .7 BETA, .8 BETA and .9 BETA.. The mixer resists fouling and requires little to no maintenance.

CFD Analyses by Alden Laboratories show a CoV range of .008 to .05.
K-Values range from 32.59 to 6.78.

high shear static mixer 2800


Structural Analysis of 84″ Static Mixer Model 2800

Hydrodynamic Analysis of 6″ Static Mixer Model 2800

Additional Reports

Westfall 2800 + 3050 Headloss Calculator (1)

2800 Mixer Brochure 

Westfall High Shear Plate Static Mixer 2800. Low Cost. Easy to ship. Easy to install.

westfall 2800 mixer flow shadowed

Usage and Applications

3 Compact High Shear Plate Mixer Orifice Diameters

westfall 2800 mixer orifice diameters The 2800 Static Mixer comes in three orifice ratios so you can choose the one best suited to your injection materials and viscosities. With thicker materials, choose a larger orifice to inhibit nesting.

When tested at Alden Labs, the .7 beta opening showed a CoV of .008 and a K-Value of 32, with excellent mixing at 1-3 FPS.

The .8 beta opening showed .oo9 CoV and K-Value of 19 with excellent mixing at 3-8 FPS.

The .9 beta opening showed a CoV of .050 and K-Value of 7 with excellent mixing at 8-ll FPS.

1000mm Westfall High Shear Static Mixer plate with Multiple Injection Ports

westfall 2800 mixer 1000mm plate

This High Shear Static Mixer Model 2800 is being used to add chlorine to potable water at a water treatment utility in Saudi Arabia.

  • Mounting ring: FRP
  • Mixing Plate: Alloy 20
  • Corp-Stops: 2:” Brass
  • Injected Chemical: Chlorine
  • Customer: Power & Water
  • Jubail & Yanbu, Saudi Arabia

72″ Westfall High Shear Static Mixer Plate — Model 2800

westfall 2800 static mixer 72in plate

Static Mixer Model 2800 can be made from 2″ to 120″ in diameter. This unit is 72″ plus gasket.
  • Mixing Plate” 316 Stainless Steel
  • Gasket: Neoprene
  • Customer: Water Treatment Plant
  • Location: Florida

2.5″ Westfall Static Mixer Plate Model 2800 with 2 Injection Ports

westfall 2800 static mixer injector ports

Westfall High Shear Static Mixer with 2 Injection Ports. Use: Inject Nitric Acid into Fish Protein Solution.
  • Mixing Plate: .7 Beta, Alloy-20
  • Mounting Ring: Alloy-20
  • Injection Fittings: (2) 1/2″ Kynar
  • Quills w/Built-in Check Valves
  • Location: Norway

10″ Westfall Model 2800 Static Mixer with Removable 2 Micron Porous Diffuser


Mounting Ring: FRP
Mixing Plate: .8 Beta 316 Stainless Steel
Injection Ports: Corp Stop
Gaskets: 1/8″ EPDM
Application: Ozone

8″ Gas Diffusion Mixer40

Mounting Ring: 316 Stainless Steel
Mixing Plate: 316 Stainless Steel
Diffusion Nozzles: (2) Sintered 316 Stainless Steel
Gaskets: Fluoropolymer
Application: Treating sugar beet pulp water with sulfur dioxide

westfall manufacturing newsT

72″ Static Mixer Model 2800

Material:  316 Stainless Steel

Use:  Disinfect water for Florida municipality

Common Applications

  • Water Treatment
  • Waste Water
  • Potable Water
  • Desalination
  • Dissolving Gases
  • Polymer Blending
  • Coagulant Blending
  • pH Control
  • Chemical Blending
  • Food Processing

Benefits and Features

Minimal Lay LengthIntegral Injection Fittings
Rapid Mixing and Micro-BubblesTimed Injection Sequencing
Low CostComputer Designed Orifice
Easy Installation3 Orifice Ratios
Custom Engineered1.5″ to 120″ Pipe Size
Contaminant-FreeWide Variety of Materials
No MaintenanceSlim Profile
Ultra-DurableNo Fuel Required
Easily Ships WorldwideNo Moving Parts

All our Static Mixers, DE Filters and Venturi tubes are custom engineered and manufactured. We still save you time and money.

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